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Clothes Alterations Price Guide


Will pick up from and deliver back to you.

For the Faversham (ME13), Sittingbourne (ME9) and Whitstable (CT5) and the surrounding countryside areas

Also offer service by post if you live outside these areas and no fitting is required by me

Based in Bapchild (ME9 9AH), nr Sittingbourne but willing to travel to the above areas


Please either use the contact page or use the additional contact details below to get in touch with requirements





Shorten/lengthen  £10.00

Shorten plus turn-ups  £11.00

Shorten jeans £12.00  (Prewashed to allow for shinkage before shortening)

Take in/let out at seam at back of waistband  £10.00

Replace zip  £12.00 - includes cost of zip

Replace jeans zip (will depend on thickness of fabric) from £15.00 - includes cost of zip

Taper legs  £14.00

Taper at hips £12.00





Shorten sleeves £12.00

Shorten sleeves with opening £14.00

Take in back seam £15.00

Shorten length of jacket £18.00

Taper sides from £14.00

Take in at shoulders from £18.00

Take in at shoulders (including making shoulder pads smaller - less of the big bulky 70's shoulders etc) from £20.00





Shorten            Straight pencil skirt/ A line £10.00

                        With lining £12


                        Full £12.00

                        With lining £14.00


                        Pleated £15.00

                        With lining £17.00


Take in sides/taper - price will depend on the extent of work needed to be done and whether lined or not -

If tapering hips without the need to remove waistband £12.00

Take in full side without the need to remove waistband but involves unpicking and re-stitching hem £14.00

If have to remove waistband (and generally remake skirt) from £15.00


Replace zip £12.00 (includes cost of zip)





Take in sides at bodice £16.00  (depends on position of zip etc)

Take in sides full length  £19.00

Take in bottom half of dress £14.00

Taper hips £12.00


Shortening shoulder straps/take dress up at shoulders (sleeveless)) £8


Take dress up at shoulders (with sleeves)  £15  (As involves refitting sleeves into an armhole which will now be smaller than sleeve will discuss first  as to whether possible - may have to put in gathers/pleats/darts etc at top of sleeve)


Shortening hems – refer to skirt prices

New zip £14.00 (includes cost of zip)





Shorten sleeves £10.00

With opening/cuff £12.00

Shorten length £12.00

Remove sleeves £12.00





Turning collar £10.00

Turning cuffs £10.00

Shorten sleeves with cuffs £12.00

Shorten sleeves without cuffs £10.00





Shorten sleeves from £14.00

Shorten length  from £18.00

Taper sides from £15.00

Take in at shoulders from £18.00

Take in at shoulders (including making shoulder pads smaller - less of the big bulky 70's shoulders etc) from £20.00



Will also give loving care to and put back together any soft toys that have been damaged or sadly neglected but please get in touch first so we can discuss exactly what care is to be given.


I do not unfortunately do wedding attire alterations - for one I have limited space to work in but also there are specialists in this area of clothes alterations who can give you the finish you deserve on such a special occassion.


For the same reason of limited space I also do not do curtain alterations. Please contact Julie Funge at www.juliesfabrics.co.uk who is excellent in making curtains and soft furnishings and based in Faversham.



Please contact me either by using the the contact page - by emailing me at bonzigns@gmail.com or leaving a text or message on my phone 07721 851410 and let me know your requirements and info – all emails go through to my phone so I will get back to you the same day or if a message was left in an evening then it will be the next morning. We can then arrange, either by email/text or landline, a time and date convenient to meet up (i can come to you at your home for fittings and pick up of clothes if this is better for you. I can also deliver back to your home when the work is done)


Payment will be on delivery and either by cash or cheque

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